The MASH Alumni Association 129th Annual Dinner Meeting 
previously scheduled to be held on Friday, June 17, 2022
has been canceled!

(We hope to see you on Friday, June 9, 2023 for the 130th Annual Alumni Dinner)

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Thank You
To our 2021 Event Sponsors for helping to preserve this annual tradition as well as keeping our alumni association thriving

Barbara & John Appleby
Heather & Anthony Ascani
Judith Beitzel Stival
Logan Bennett
Jeremy Boone
Addison Bowman
Marjorie Burlison Seiler
Dana Carver
Timothy Cook
Dennis Cope
Gregory Deardorff
David Diehl
James Dougherty
Jane Eagle Diller
Dennis Engle
Jean Failor Brookes
Jeanne Fernbaugh Souder
Janice Hertzler Custer
Stanley Johnson
Kelly Kauffman Gitt
Kay Kegel Fisher
Carol Kertiss Haley
David Kurtz
James Kurtz
Bruce Laverty
Donald Meck
Shirley McCurdy Vogelsong
Beverly & Ed Miller
Marilyn Miller Ginsburg
W. Michael Nailor
Lois Neibert Witmer
Rodney Peffer
Cynthia Pennington Clippinger
Marilyn Pyke Adams
Andrew Quigley
Holly Rider Laufer
Mollie Ritter Randolph
David Rusenko
Douglas Stevick
Adam Weber
Gary Weber
Paul Wentz
Cathy Yung Beam