The Annual Alumni Dinner, which was scheduled for June 12, 2020, has been canceled.

Please know that this decision was not made lightly. We were optimistic that this virus would have been well behind us by the time this event would have occurred. However, due to the nature of the large crowd this event draws, we felt it was wise to cancel.

Please help keep our alumni association thriving by paying your Annual Dues and contributing to our other funds using the button below. We kindly ask you to consider redirecting your planned Annual Dinner monies to our Administration fund instead. 

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Thank You
To our 2019 Dinner Sponsors for helping to preserve this annual tradition as well as keeping our alumni association thriving

Sarah Carlson Shaves
Anne & Rodney Chamberlain
Nancy & Donald Cornman
Jeanne Fernbaugh Souder
Robert Fought
Jill House Smith
Stanley Johnson
Marlene Jumper Bricker
Velma McCurdy Mumper
Beverly & Ed Miller
Thomas Mumper
Lois Neibert Witmer
Sandra Over Snevel
Cynthia Pennington Clippinger
Susanne Rechel Sather
Holly Rider Laufer
Jack Ritter
David Rusenko
Karen Sanders Fisher
Karen & Alan Vandrew
Deborah and William Wirth